Medical Trust Plan


Members contribute a set portion of each paycheck (currently $30) to the Trust Fund. These contributions continue until the Member reaches, at least, 25% of the maximum vesting amount in effect when they join the Trust. The maximum vesting amount (currently $20,800) is determined by the Trustees based on data provided by a professional actuary. The Trustees periodically adjust the maximum vesting amount to assure that the Fund keeps pace with inflation. The adjusted maximum vesting amount applies to Members who join the Trust after the adjusted amount takes effect. The Trustees combine the contributions of all members and, with professional guidance, invest the funds. The Trustees establish the maximum annual benefit amount based on the number of current and projected retirees and the balance of the Trust Account. When an Officer retires, their final vesting level is determined by comparing the balance in their individual account with the maximum vesting amount in effect when they joined the Trust. The retiree's monthly benefit amount is the 100% vesting benefit amount multiplied by the retiree's final vesting percentage. A benefit administrator processes claims according to the Trust documents, IRS Rules, and direction of the Trustees. Claims are reimbursed up to the retirees monthly benefit amount. The Trust is governed by IRS Code 501(c)(9). Member contributions are taxed as income, but benefits paid are non-taxable. Examples of benefits are compensation for actual expenses such as medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. In addition, medical, dental, and vision expenses not covered by insurance may also be covered.

Who Can Receive Benefits From the Plan?
How Do I Become a Participant in the Plan?
How Much Must I Contribute?
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What Is Vesting?
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Suppose I Terminate or Become Disabled Before I Retire? What Happens to My Contributions?
Suppose I Die Before I Retire?
If I Die After Retirement, Are Any More Benefits Provided?
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What Expenses Will the Plan Reimburse Me For?
How Can I Appeal Any Denied Claims?
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Can the Plan Be Amended or Terminated?